Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the tattooed man's compassion

the tattooed man's compasion feels like sadness
his heart goes out to all that lives and breathes
he wishes for their moments of sheer gladness
as he settles in to memories thick weeds

the movement on his skin is holigraphic
as memory it passes time to time
the many lives he's lived tight in his grip
he longs for his compassion and his rhyme

the simple things that take life every day
the wife who kills the ants and he the wasp
make him shudder slightly he will pay
for all that he as taken all he's lost

the tatooed man grows older by his markings
showing for all time his loves and workings

Friday, May 18, 2007

the tattoed man in exile

the tattooed man in exile
the tatooed man has left his mark in maps
scratched upon the surface of the sky
the moon and stars all measuring his days
as slowly and too quickly life goes by
he walks his paths in memory of love
he stalks the latest mark upon his skin
he longs for things forgotton and things lost
waiting for his new life to begin
here he sees his lovers in his arms
his children marked with joy surround his heart
his sorrows (there are many) on his brow
hold his secrets as he stands apart
his colors sail his mind in azure skies
his truths his songs his victories his sighs

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The tatooed man asleep awake

the tatooed man is residing

under the bhodi tree

he sits around unnoticed

knowing how he can be

he watches as his world goes by

disguised as that and this

his tatooed soul and body

watching for his bliss

he laughs his soul to sleep at night

humming a tune or two

feeling safe in dreams at last

giving him love to do

he sails his dreams in silked robes

that glimmer in the moonlight

he visits places childhood places

of mystery and light

he pauses in his story

to see just where he is

whether luck or glory

stands in him with a kiss

oh the trails adventure

this dreaming state he's in

living all his markings

his holiness and sin

the tattod man awakens

knowing that all is there

nothing is forsaken

under his tree so fair

the tattoed man is sleep awake

awake and sleeping too

it's all the same for in the end

he knows one more tattoo

ha ha

he knows one more tattoo

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


i never really knew you in your life
i never felt your voice or your embrace
i had the one's in whos
love embraced
the one who's now my wife

oh how i wish i'd know you
and felt your presence here
as deep as now you live inside
the one i hold so dear

Friday, February 16, 2007


it has come to me
a light
a second coming if you will
this secret
it is and has
taken the world
it has always been here
it is always changing
it remains the same
it always was
always will be
it has been given
many names
it is here
always working
giving us exactly what we want
what we wish for
like the genie in the bottle
the bottle of our
of who we are
it has been re-revealed
can you feel it
you know it well
it is

my wish for you reader
is that your dreams come true
that you have all you ask for
that you are abundant
that you achieve your most wonderful dreams
it is happening as i write
it is
it is
the great

Sunday, December 24, 2006

to my nemisis

hello there
you there
with me
i know you
you like me
you like living inside me
you like to feel that you can kill
you can't
because you see
this is only my
my shelter
my escape
this is the thing that
holds my seeing
for now

you want to kill my shelter
you want to
you may
you will not kill me
i go on
like the water
and the light
i continue

to try and end this
of me
would be suicide
i am here
i am wandering about
i am the filter and the screen
i am this
i am that
that you are

i am still
you in your quest for power
want to kill me
if you do
kill me
you will die also
like me
as me
as a part
of me
you have no real hope
your plan will never work
go fuck yourself
do what you will
before all things

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my words

"every morning" i would say out loud
"i will write a poem to my love"
or"i will write a sonnet of the shroud
that holds the imaged hoax of push to shove"

" i shall be the greatest of them all
championing the hopeless and the poor
hosting with my 'rudite words a call
that's heard from mountain tops to darkest moor"

"with words i'll win respect that lasts forever
i'll vanquish words like should and could and never
i'll be subtle intellegent and clever
with my words all hoplessness i'll sever"

oh words of mine so precious but to me
give someone the courage to be free